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We help business owners increase profit by $4,000 on average and save up to 40 hours per month by delivering quality bookkeeping services. We provide the insight and operational support needed to reach your goals.

We are based within the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area in Minnesota. However, we have the pleasure of serving clients across the nation through QuickBooks Online. So, whether you are in Brooklyn Park, MN or Miami, FL we are equipped to serve you.

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Benefits of Outsourcing to us

Increase Profit

Just by working with a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor you save at least $4,000 on average! Beyond that we will help reduce expenses and work with your tax preparer to minimize your tax liability.

custom Reporting

Drive revenue, improve margins, reduce expenses, and minimize your tax liability with our support. With accurate, up-to-date books we help you extract meaningful insight.

Affordable Rate

Rather than retaining a full-charge bookkeeper work with us and in turn save money. Whether you require full-service bookkeeping or more limited service we are equipped to serve you.

More Time

Managing your firm's books takes up to 40 hours a month, 120 hours a year on average! Use the time you save to work on your business instead and prevent the headache of having to do both.

Pristine Books

Messy books make tax season a nightmare and prevents you from drawing meaningful insights from your financial data. We will clean up your books so they are accurate, timely and helpful.

About Me

Jamie Arostegui is a Certified ProAdvisor residing in Brooklyn Park, MN. Through the capabilities of QuickBooks Online, he has the opportunity to handle bookkeeping for businesses nationally. He can provide an array of services to meet the needs of businesses whether they need a full-charge bookkeeper or more limited service e.g. solely accounts payable or receivable or other accounting support.

In his undergraduate journey, he specialized in finance/accounting earning a Bachelor of Arts in Finance. In addition, he has also worked for 4 years as a Bookkeeper and Customer Service Manager at a Fortune 500 retailer; since then he has moved on to serve as an Accountant for one of the Big Ten Universities.

Capitalizing on his education and experience, he formed Bookkeeping Unlocked to provide businesses with their accounting “key”.  The financial information and operational support they require to be able to reach all of their goals. In short, Jamie’s passion is to contribute his bookkeeping, financial management, business operations and accounting expertise to businesses, helping foster client success.

My passion is to help business owners unleash their profit and save time by delivering quality bookkeeping services, providing the insight and operational support needed to reach their goals.
Jamie Arostegui
Managing Partner & Founder

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